Perspective Based Architecture

The PBA Method

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The PBA Method


Welcome to The Perspective Based Architecture Method Website


This site contains much of the common material, questions and structures of The PBA Method.


The PBA Method is an continiously evolving architecture method wrapping around any existing development, project management or operational methodology, process or taxonomy.


Mission Statement of The PBA Method

At the end of the day, no matter what technologies, vendors or methodologies are utilized, all IT architects must address very difficult questions for a successful solution.  Fifty years ago, today and fifty years from now,  IT architects will still need to address these difficult questions.  Therefore, The PBA Method focuses on capturing those questions from architects in a community model organized within a meta-model in an easy to use capability complimenting most methodologies and processes to promote more successful architectures.




Goals of The PBA Method 


1) It should compliment most methodologies and processes utilized in the world.


2) It should transcend technologies, methodologies and products.


3) The structure and questions should be still applicable 5 to 15 years from now.


4) It should be easy to understand and use.


5) Any type of IT architect should be capable of leveraging it positively.


6) It should demonstrate a living method growing and adapting with increased contribution (it shold promote co-authorship and contribution).


7) It should promote better architectural decisions for any project.


8) One should clearly see the difference in the skill, experience level and capability of the professional answering each question.


What the PBA Method doesn't focus on



1) What your title is


2) When you make a decision


3) What artifacts you create when you make a decision or analysis


4) What processes, methodology, or taxonomy you use in your decision making endeavors


5) What current technologies, vendors or products are utilized


Rules for the Questions:


1) The question must be applicable across technologies, methodologies, time, vendors, processes and industries.


2) Each Zone Area question must be focused on one Zone Area only.


3) Each questions must be addressed to current professional standards for IT architects.